Monday, 2 May 2011

What make children listen, obey and sacrifice to outsiders rather than their own parents?

  • when they spend more time in front of TV/games rather than helping their parents at home
  • when they spend more time talking to friends and chatting on internet rather than chatting with parents at home
  • when they share all their happiness, sadness and difficulties with friends/lover more than sharing it with parents.
  • when the parents think it is okay to break promise and whisper in heart "sooner or later he/she will forget about this"
  • when the parents think kids know nothing about life and did not teach them about it.
  • when the parents think "it is okay for the kids to hang out with friends every weekend. at least they don't feel bored at home because i'm too busy to take them out."
  • when the people who always listen to the kids and answer all their question is their friends/lover more than their parents
  • when the parents said "i have no time to teach them how to manage themselves."
  • when the parents said "i do not have time to teach them self-reliant in the right way"  
  • when parents always doing something for the child or make decisions for the future of child without discussing it with them first by assuming children do not know what is best for themselves.  
At the end the child grow up and say "i trust my friends/lover more than my parents."

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